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Easyhome Investment Holding Group (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (short name: Easyhome), the main business scope of it is to invest and set up a a large shopping center, regarding “Easyhome” as uniform brand, positioned at middle-high-end operation, providing customer with "one-stop" service of design, ,material, furniture, household products, imported foods and accessories, integrating brand monopolized shop for furniture and building material, home design center (LOHO), hardware and building materials supermarket (COHO LIFE), home accessories (Liangwu), leasing of commercial office building (Easytower), electronic commerce (Juran.cn), imported food supermarket (Ankang) and so on.
The features of the “Home Decoration and Construction Material Theme Shopping Center” of the Easyhome
A veritable one-stop-shopping Make the best of all industry developments Clearly defined market position of top and middle grade products
Service based on honesty and credit
    From design to fitment, from purchase of materials to the whole set of furniture, from home electronic appliances to home supplies, the consumers can realize all of their consuming demands in Easyhome after they get the keys of their houses.
    By taking the advantages of all quarters of the home decoration industry, Easyhome has achieved the organic combination of home decoration center, furniture and construction material market, furniture and construction material brand stores, supermarket, and home supply market.
    Our target is to offer top and middlegrade brand goods to high/middle -income people, to guide the individualizing consumption and to lead the new fad of home decoration.
    The Company firstly advanced the service promises of “compensation in advance” and “green environmental protection”. The “customer satisfaction” and “customer first” is our untiring pursuit.
Easyhome was set up in August 1999 when its operation area was smaller than three million squatter meters and annual sales were less than three million Yuan. It just was a stall-type pedlars' market in the beginning. By the end of 2015, it has developed into a large household chain group that exists in 28 cities in our country and it has 125 chain stores, and its business area has been over 600 million squatter meters and its turnover has been close to 40 billion. It has been not only awarded as “the ten major commercial brands in Beijing city” for ten consecutive years but also become the leading enterprise with best management, service and reputation in circulation domain of home building material in China.
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