Beijing Easyhome Investment Holdings Group Co., Ltd (DBA EASYHOME) was established in the year of 1999, and currently boasting itself the No 1 home renovation and improvement , as well as building Supply supermall owner/operator in China, It has enjoyed high reputation of a top notch brand itself for its in-house diversified home furnishing brands assortment, together with its determined commitment for product quality assurance to the consumer.

EasyHome has been recognized as one of the Top 10 business brands in the capital city of Beijing during the past 12 years. It has gradually reinvigorated itself into 4 major business categories i.e Home Furnishing, Finance, Consumer Products, Supply chain logistics.

Easyhome is a leading industry giant of home furnishing and building supply in China. By the end of 2016, Easyhome has opened or franchised total number of 160 home building supply and home furnishing superstores scattered over in 29 provinces of mainland China., with total operational commercial spaces of 10 million ㎡.

It has amazingly reached nearly total RMB 50 billion revenue in the fiscal year of 2016, backed by Easyhome’s double digit expansion strategy through acquisition and franchising. Easyhome has systematically integrated itself into a major super powerhouse in home furnishing arena in China . Meanwhile, It has consistently created a combination of Building Supply Retailing , Imported Premium Furniture Pavilion , Roof Top Designer Center, Residential Interior Design and Decoration; by providing its vast customer base with seamless "one stop" shopping experience and accommodating them with optional post-sale service afterwards.
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